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Project portrait

Offshore platform with transforming substation, Windfarm „alpha ventus“

This model of a 60 MW transforming-substation offshore platform in 1:75 scale was prepared for the Hannover Fair 2008. It was build together with Werner Steiner Modellbau.

The wind farm 'alpha ventus' is the first German offshore wind farm in the North Sea. It comprises twelve wind turbines whith a performance of 5 MW each and will be commissioned in 2009.

The model of the platform is combined with the model of a wind turbine M5000 on one mounting plate.

LED running lights demonstrate the energy flux from the wind farm to the platform and further to the onshore installations which are illustrated graphically.

The energy systems are situated in containers. In the model these containers are illuminated from inside. All installations are shown as transparancies mounted on the translucent containers.


Illustration of a 30 kV gas-insulated m.v. switchboard (left), a oily-water separator (above) and a 0.55 MVA emergency power generator (below).

All details from the guardrail to the helicopter deck and the 2t offshore crane are constructed 3-dimensionally.

On the translucent back plane of the model more wind turbines of the wind farm 'alpha ventus' are shown graphically.


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