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Web Services

Individually and effective

One of the focal points of Kommunikation Digital is the design, editing, administration and optimization of websites. This is where design, technology and marketing are closely integrated.

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Your advantage

  • You receive an induvidually tailored website according to your specification and corporate design, following the latest development and standard of web design, technology, usability and marketing.
  • The contents of your website stays up-to-date.
  • You don't need to bother about Internet know how and the bits and pieces.
  • You concentrate on your core business.
  • Your website will easier be found and you can reach new clients.

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Design and redesign of websites

We develop websites according to the latest development and standard of web design, technology, usability and marketing.

Kommunikation Digital produces user-friendly websites, which are visually and functionally elaborated and up-to-date, and which will gain a good ranking in search engines.

You do already have a website? Taking care of a redesign based on existing structures, texts and elements would be a pleasure for us.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website to gain a good ranking on search engines in respect to relevant seach words. This depends on the ranking algorithms applied by search engines. Well considered pages will raise in ranking list over time.

The optimization comprises the design of search engine-friendly pages and on-page as well as off-page measures to stimulate designated search words.

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Search Engine Marketing

If desired we comercially place your site at classified directories and search engines open for this strategy.

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Maintenance and administration of website and mailing systems

Kommunikation Digital administrates, maintains, promotes your website and keeps them up-to-date. This comprises for example:

  • Support in selection of a service provider and the appropriate web package
  • Design of single pages up to complete sites
  • Setup and maintenance of the mailing system
  • Keeping your website updated by continually publishing your latest information
  • Extending the functionallity of your website
  • Search Engine Optimization of your website
  • Registering your pages at search engines and relevant classified directories of your business
  • Administration of your website at the service provider
  • Securing of the consistency
  • Checking of log files
  • Delivering of statistics
  • Transfer of requests and user data in a structure easy to handle

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Log-file analysis and success controling

Log files keep valuable information about pages visited, errors having occured and the surfing behaviour of your visitors. KomDig interpretes the log files of your web domain and analyses its strengths and weaknesses.

You gain information about

  • the visitors of your website
  • the page or search engine your visitors came from
  • the search words which brought a visitor to your site
  • the frequency single pages are visited
  • possible improvements and optimizations

Our services

  • monthly report based on the analysis of the log files
  • information about broken links and unfulfilled requests
  • suggestions to improve the website
  • support to optimize the website
  • detection of attacks and security violations

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Analysis and check of websites

Having finished an analysis and check of your existing website KomDig comes up with a detailed report comprising the following aspects:

  • Overall impression
  • Visual impression (design, graphics, layout)
  • Functional impression (navigation, usability)
  • Content related impression (information, coherence)
  • Technical impression (links, speed, security)
  • Marketing impression (search engine friendliness, promotion, marketing, ranking)

Based on this analysis Kommunikation Digital suggests steps to optimize your website. You gain tangible benefits from:

  • a professional evaluation of your website
  • a description of its strenghts and weaknesses
  • an identification of possibilities to optimize the website
  • an improvement of the ranking position

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