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Technical Texts and Communication

Texts and images

Information and pictures that not only reach your audience, but attracts them.

Technical text have to be precisely formulated and easy understandable for the future customers.

Kommunikation Digital writes texts for

  • Press releases
  • Product and system descriptions
  • Manuals
  • Mailings
  • Company magazines

And not only texts in German

  • English - no problem
  • Spanish - por supuesto
  • French - bien sûr

.. our special area

Our special area are technical texts - from electrotechnology and power engineering to electronics and IT services.

Communication is interaction

For the contents to work, the form has to be right as well. The "carrier" of communication like E-mail, Personalized Printing, Webservices etc. continually are improving with the technological development. But the quality of the communication does not improve automatically as well.

Communication is based upon contents and presentation. It becomes efficient with the right media and professional use of tools.


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