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Project portraits

Model of a VW Caddy as service car
Model of a power transformer
Model of a wind farm

Further portraits of project

Mock-up of a Smart Grid energy supply
Offshore platform with transforming substation, Windfarm „alpha ventus“
Architectural model
Model of the GruenGuertel Frankfurt on the Main

Model of a VW Caddy as service car

The service department of a system supplier for utilities uses an adapted VW Caddy as mobile workshop. This especially equipped car posed for its effigy at scale 1:5. To set up the model we combined classical model construction with graphical elements. The graphics are based on photos taken from an original demonstration car of the same type. The model was produced together with Werner Steiner Modellbau, Frankfurt am Main.

The photos needed retouching, composing and perceptive distortion to prepare them for the actual model.

All graphical elements were placed together and printed. The majority as colour prints and others as slides.

With the help of photo retouching and composing a photo taken of a demonstration car transforms into a photo of the service-car parked at a substation site.

Please click on "start" for a short animated demonstration.

Model of a power transformer

This model if an hermetically sealed power transformer at a scale of 1:5.7 combines 3D structures with graphics. It was produced together with Werner Steiner Modellbau, Frankfurt am Main.

The cut-away model shows part of the inner construction like coils and tap changer.

Bushings and protection elements at the upper side of the transformer

Even the graphical elements cast shadows. With the help of line styles and packing order a 3-dimensioinal impression was reached.

3D structures in combination with graphics secured an optimal effect.

Graphics of the busbar and coil terminals

Model of a wind farm

This functional model of an offshore wind farm comprises a legend and monitor for multimedia presentations as well. It was produced together with Werner Steiner Modellbau, Frankfurt am Main.

The transmission of energy from generation to the customer is displayed by running lights.


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