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Software training and application advice

Office and graphics software

Modern software packages offer a multitude of possibilities. It is possible to attain fast and efficient solutions. On the other hand, it is possible to get confused with the construction of documents and the "behaviour of the software" and get lost on the design playground. That is why it is always wise: First contemplate, than construct.

Microsoft Office

KomDig helps you to use the MS Office software efficiently:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Access

The scope of the consulting service comprises the setup and adaptation of the software, the explanation of its components, hints for an efficient work, the design and preparation of documents and templates, the interaction of the different office modules, and the application of VBA.

Practical exercises as well as tips and hints complete the training.

Adobe GoLive

KomDig consults at the utilisation of the design and authoring software for websites.

  • creation and administration of websites
  • planning and design of pages
  • HTML and CSS
  • interaction and animation
  • publication of websites

Recommended Windows tools

Here is a list of some cute tools, which I recommend in order to work efficiently with Windows OS:

  • Total Commander
    very good and comprehensive file handling; much faster than any computer mouse can dream of
  • Notepad++
    powerful, all-purpose text editors, as well as TextPad
  • PhraseExpress
    write faster and error free using text modules and short-cuts
  • Putty
    remote administration via Telnet and SSH for Win32
  • WinSCP
    graphical open source SFTP client for Windows via SSH
  • Wink
    graphical tool to record actions on the screen and produce tutorials and presentations

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