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Project portrait

Mock-up of a Smart Grid energy supply system

The Smart Grid mock-up shows the power network with conventional and renewable energy sources, centralized and decentralized generation, energy storage as well as the control function of transport system operators (TSO) and utility companies.

The mock-up was designed for Schneider Electric and shown at the Hannover Fair 2012. It was produced together with Werner Steiner Modellbau.


To demonstrate the energy supply using a Smart Grid, the interaction between the various energy sources and the loads is shown in different load flow situations, i.e. generation and load scenarios.


Graphical illustration of a Smart Grid substation (left) and an IT centre (below).

One highlight at the fair was the visit of Aset Issekeshev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan.

All installations of electrical engineering are shown as transparancies mounted on translucent building structures.


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